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How to pass the Victoria Police Exam

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    Components of the Victorian Police Entrance Exam and how to pass them.

    How to pass the Victoria Police Abstract Reasoning test

    Understand the 5 structures of abstract reasoning. Learn the techniques to quickly understand and interpret each question.

    How to pass verbal reasoning for the victorian police exam

    Verbal Reasoning is more than just vocabulary. Click to learn the strategies to unlock these questions.

    Literacy Exam Questions for VicPol

    Can you read fast enough? Learn the art of extracting key information so you can answer all the questions accurately in a timely manner.

    Succeed at the extended writing test in the police application exam

    Technique, structure and content.

    Summary Writing Vicpol

    Technique, structure and content.

    Oral Assessment VicPol

    What to look for.

    Computer skills and Digital Literacy police application

    What it is all about.

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    Passing the Vicpol Entrance Exam

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    Verbal Reasoning
    Abstract Reasoning

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